The Browns | The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay Wedding

If I had to think of a recurring theme for Marquette and Tatyana’s wedding day it would be smiles. They both smile and laughed so easily with one another and their friends and family throughout the day. Planning a wedding from a distance, as these two did can be a hard thing to do but everything about their day felt so sweet and intentional.

They got married at The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay which was such an amazing venue – full of lush and beautiful trees. Their ceremony, set against the bay as a backdrop, was touching, sentimental and funny – a perfect blend of the two of them.Also worth noting is that this sweet couple get married mid-morning. This underscores my evergreen reminder to all of my couples (and to you!) that your wedding should be exactly as YOU want it to be. The people who love you will show up and everything will be amazing just as it was for these two lovebirds!