The R-D Family | Old TOWN Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

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You can ask pretty much every family I’ve ever photographed and they will tell you that I am always talking about the incredible joy I get from seeing families year after year. There is something so profoundly satisfying when I get to see your little babies grow into wobbly toddlers and then solid little tiny humans. I genuinely am thrilled to hang out with you and your family and for all of the chaos that will most likely ensue 🙂 I’m happy to chase them and hold hands and have the patience that is needed with little kids. Will I go home and drink a glass of wine after? Probably. But it’s so worth it.

I’ve been photographing this family since it was just two mamas in love and on the precipice of starting their forever together. Now – they’re a family of 4 and watching them flourish and thrive? My heart could burst from happiness.

A reminder to you that the days are long but the years are short and you should prioritize taking photos not only of your kids but that include you. Set aside all of the things and be in the photos! It is a gift you are giving yourself and your kids and future generations of your families.