Tony + Claudelle | laurel, md elopement PHOTOGRAPHER

To say that COVID changed the paths of so many of our lives might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever written on this website. And while it still trudges on, the noise has quieted and the previous rhythm of life has returned to a kind of (sort of? maybe?) normal. So many big life events were put on hold or changed to accommodate that time in our lives. That meant that lots and lots of couples had to pivot what they thought their weddings would look like to something entirely different.

Meet Tony and Claudelle who eloped at the Prince George’s Courthouse and had a lovely and intimate reception at Chi’Bal afterward. I love the sleek elegance of Claudelle’s wedding dress next to the vibrancy of Tony’s suit. It was a lovely day full of sentimental speeches and warm congratulations.

I think (or rather, hope that) having gone through the times we all collectively did – we’ve learned that sometimes the pivot is exactly where you were always supposed to be.