ALI + TOYA | olney, md backyard wedding

Almost feels ridiculous to call this a “backyard wedding” because Ali and Toya’s wedding was still grand on every level. I’m pointing this out mainly because it aligns with my philosophy that your wedding can be whatever you want even if it’s in a backyard. YOU (and your person!) get to decide what your day looks like and it will still be magical.

For these two lovebirds – that meant getting married in her sister’s home surrounded by a pretty intimate group of their friends and family. It was Ali’s sister and niece performing post ceremony. It was them taking time to jump on a zoom post ceremony to say hello to the folks who couldn’t be there in person. It was taking photos on a yellow couch that Toya loved.

Weddings can quickly become what everyone else wants so it’s important to remind yourself along the way to do what you like so that when you look back on one of the most important days of your life – you feel settled and happy with every choice you made along the way.